Best Gift for 18th Wedding Anniversary

Long before time had a name, there was always a traditional choice on the 18th wedding anniversary gift. Well, ‘the long before time’, is an overstretched phrase but it is true there used to be different gifts for different occasions, including 18th wedding anniversary. They used to give garnet jewelry or cups to their significant other. As time changes also did the gift preferences change, the garnet gifts were replaced by porcelain gifts.

Fortunate thing is the price range is affordable to many people. The beautiful porcelain gifts are available in many department stores. You can make it even more sentimental if you engrave words or phrases that means something to you as a couple. Here are some of the gift ideas:
Porcelain lamps

They are hanging lamps and comes in different colors. They also come in many designs, sizes and shapes, knowing your partners you can be able to choose which she or he would prefer most.

Porcelain candles


They come in different colors, choose on your own liking, on the sides there is usually writings. You can order and give them instruction on what to write.

Porcelain figurines


You can order this figurines with a bit description of what to expect. They can make many animals’ figurines, humans, or whatever you like to be in form of the figurines. It can also have engraved words on it which is an added advantage.

15 piece porcelain cookware set


If your significant other loves cooking then this is the best gift to get. It is very durable and stain resistant, it also complements you kitchen décor. This is a gift he or she will cherish forever.

Porcelain herald

If your loved one is a tea lover, then you have got the most suited gift. It is very durable and easy to clean. It also comes with beautiful patterns on the herald. It comes in a set. They range from antiques and modern porcelain set.

Porcelain flower pot


Many have always bought their loved ones flower but for a change you can give them a flower pot which they can take care of their flowers in. It has floral patterns and is ice crackle glazed. They may also come in a set of 3 which the sizes are different.

Porcelain jewelry

They are handmade jewelry, they can be Limoges or wabi sabi porcelain styles. They are beautiful and one can write beautiful word on it that are special to both of you. They include earrings, necklaces, pendants, watches, bangles, ankle rings and many more.

Porcelain matchstick dog

If you looking for something unique and special for your loved one, then say no more. Porcelain matchstick dog helps lit candles in the evening. It is also hand painted. It comes with matchsticks ready to be used. The size of the matchstick dog makes it easy to carry, it is very light and can be reused.


Small porcelain bowls

They are unique and available in many colors. You can buy a set which varies from different sellers. The best part about it is, you can write words on the inner surface of the bowls. Best for telling your loved ones what they mean to you.

You got no excuse for not getting your loved one a gift, especially one that they will cherish forever.