Welcome To My Website



I wanted to say personally welcome to my website to you. Why are you here? It must be for one reason, and that reason is because, you are fascinatd with the Chinese language or China? Am I correct? If I am, I understand the fascination, and also the passion. Because, I have been there, and am still there. I got a genuine love, and also, interest for China a while back. I attended the wedding of a close friend of mine in China. I have to say immediately I wad drawn into the totally awesome world that is China. I was so impressed by China. I decided to learn Chinese. I didn’t realize, however, just how difficult an endeavor it was going to be. Nonetheless, now I know one thing, and that one thing is that Chinese is a wonderful language but very challenging. What does this mean? It means everything to me. This is why I decided to create a website that will help others in their quest to learn the Chinese language. Therefore, this website was put together, and it serves as a focual point to learn all that one can from a total Chinese aspect.

A website that is all about China, as well as, the Chinese language can be a great lesson in everything China in the most personal of all ways. No one should feel at odds with learning the Chinese language either. Let this website serve as a point of reference, assistance, inspiration, and education for all those who do share my great love for anything and everything that is Chinese in description. I never realized just how fast one could fall in love with China. I did very fast. I still am in love with it. I want my website to be all about Chinese tradition and Chinese learning, immersion, and people connecting with other people who share the same grand passion as I do.